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About Us

I have had the pleasure of having dogs in my life from about the age of 4, when my parents brought Tara the English Springer Spaniel to our home in Northumberland. After we lost her, Flora the Border Collie followed. Shortly after my husband Phil and I married in 1990, we fostered dogs for Central Animal Rescue in Leicester, personally helping more than twenty dogs find their new 'forever' homes. Admittedly two of them found theirs with us! Lenny was a neglected 10wk old GSD cross puppy, and Casey was a 2yr old Rottador who was given up by his owners when they had a baby. Despite their bad start in life, both proved to be perfect family dogs when our two sons, Ashley and Miles were growing up.

When I started the business back in 2013, we had two more rescue dogs. Charlie, a German Shepherd x Rottweiler and Henry, another Rottador. They needed a good deal of time and patience from the whole family to gain their trust. I also inherited Gypsy, my parent's elderly Collie x Doberman who, despite her age, took on the role of Alpha Dog and really helped settle both the other dogs down. Training 'the boys', as they were affectionately known, was made more difficult because both Phil and I were working full time and it was because of this, and when we fostered a young Staffie cross who had become too difficult for his owner to handle, that the first seeds of forming Dog Days Inn were sown. I knew I would much rather be giving our dogs the time they needed, and after conversations with other dog owners, I realised that there was a demand for Doggie Day Care. Added to all this, we have, I suppose, being running a Home Boarding service for years, for family & friends! I started running DDI at home, but we soon had outgrown the house, and in 2015, we bought an established Doggie Day Care Centre, and the rest, as they say, is history.

We sadly have lost both boys in recent years, but our family has been made whole again with the addition of Betsy, a Rottweiler x Sighthound (so a rather powerful Lurcher!) and Penny, a diminuative (for her breed!) Rottweiller. We do not know much about Betsy's past. She was found running the streets as a youngster (approx a year old), and then spent 11 months in Animal Helpline rescue, because no one wanted her. Penny was seized from a puppy farm (with pups) back in 2017. Again, not very old... she was adopted, but then surrended back to Animal Helpline at the beginning of 2020. Like Charlie & Henry before them, they have issues, but they are both turning into cracking dogs.

This is a small, family run business where your peace of mind is very important to us. So give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

Gail, Phil, Miles & Ash

Buzz loved his 'room at the Inn'

We had always been able to leave Buzz with one or other of our kids when we went away for the odd weekend break but this time they were all busy so we asked Gail and Phil if they had room for Buzz. We knew that he would be very well looked after as Gail and Phil are great with all dogs.So we dropped him off on the Saturday morning and off we went until Monday evening.

Buzz settled in very quickly - he already knew Charlie and Henry well and soon got to know the other dogs. Gail sent us text updates and pics so that we could be reassured that Buzz was 'resting well' in between walks & mealtimes - he doesn't like to overdo things! His snoring is a bit loud though.

As he enjoyed his holiday from us we have booked him in again for his next 'home from home' stay at the Inn.

We definitely recommend Dog Days Inn

Alicia & Syd

Alicia & Syd Hand