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Day Care Terms and Conditions

Bookings are only accepted at Dog Days Inn Ltd subject to our Terms and Conditions, please read the following carefully.


  • All dogs will be subject to a mandatory initial assessment by Dog Days Inn Ltd prior to attending Day Care for the first time. Dog Days Inn Ltd reserves the right to refuse admission to any dog deemed, by them, to be, or have the potential to be, dangerous or disruptive.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd cannot accept dogs or hybrids of dogs that are registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd cannot accept dog hybrids registered under the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976.
  • All owners must declare any behavioural issues that could endanger either the Dog Days Inn Ltd staff, or any of the other dogs. Failure to do so could lead to immediate cancellation of the contract with no refunds.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd can only accept dogs that do not chew, and are fully house trained. All owners will accept full responsibility for any damage caused by your dog(s) at Day Care and will be responsible for replacing or repairing any damage caused at Dog Days Inn Ltd's discretion.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd is not responsible for any items (such as toys) left with their dog.
  • All owners are solely responsible for any and all harm or damage caused by their dog(s) whilst attending Dog Days Inn Ltd, and agree to fully indemnify Dog Days Inn Ltd of any liability arising from such harm or damage to third parties.
  • All dogs attending Dog Days Inn Ltd, must be microchipped and have an identity tag, as required by law. All information must be up to date. Dog Days Inn Ltd will need to have a copy of proof of microchip details.
  • All owners agree to their dog(s) being photographed or videoed and these being used in any media (including social media), or advertising by Dog Days Inn Ltd. All such media remain the property of Dog Days Inn Ltd.
  • Strictly no children allowed on the Dog Days Inn Ltd premises.
  • No variations of these Terms and Conditions will have effect unless confirmed by Dog Days Inn Ltd.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.


Please make sure ALL the information is correct, as any incorrect information renders the contract Null and Void.

  • An initial phone interview with potential clients must take place, so that Dog Days Inn Ltd has all relevant information when the dog(s) attend his/her two hour trial.
  • All potential clients must fill out a Registration Form for Day Care.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd MUST be immediately made aware of ANY changes to personal circumstances. Any changes made on Registration form are to be initialled by both the client and a Director of Dog Days Inn Ltd.
  • All potential clients must get permission from their emergency contact to give Dog Days Inn Ltd their personal details. The emergency contact must sign the Registration form confirming permission has been sought.
  • All emergency contacts must be available collect and take care of the dog should an emergency arise.
  • All potential clients must fill out a Medical Form, disclosing the full medical history of the dog. This must include any medications prescribed, including homeopathic.
  • All dogs must be brought for a two hour Trial prior to attending Dog Days Inn Ltd on a regular basis.
  • The Trials are strictly by appointment only. If, for any reason, potential clients cannot make the agreed appointment, then please let Dog Days Inn Ltd know so a new appointment can be made.
  • The initial two hour Trial is free of charge.
  • Only after the above prerequisites have been met, will we discuss your dog(s) attending Dog Days Inn Ltd on a regular basis.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd reserves the right to refuse any dog, for any reason.

Opening Hours, Booking, Payment & Cancellation Terms

Please note that failure to pay before the dates booked will result in Dog Days Inn Ltd refusing to admit your dog(s) until full payment has been made. It is the client's responsibility to check the dates and amount on the invoice to ensure they are correct.

  • Dog Days Inn Ltd opening hours are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd does not offer Day Care at the weekends or on Bank Holidays.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd does offer a Breakfast Club between 7am and 8am, Monday to Friday. This is an extra service with an additional charge, that must be prearranged with a member of staff.
  • Drop off times are between 8am and 9.30am,and pick up times are between 4.30pm and 6pm. Alternative drop off and pick up times must all be by prior arrangement. Failure to keep to them, or to inform me if you are delayed will result in a fine of £2.50 for every 10 minutes over the closing time of 6pm.
  • All current Day Care prices can be found on the Dog Days Inn Ltd website and Facebook page.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd only accepts payments by bank transfer.
  • Day Care invoices to be paid by the end of month prior to dates booked. Any additional dates booked during the current month are to be paid on receipt of the invoice.
  • Ad hoc Day Care bookings must be paid on receipt of the invoice.
  • Last minute bookings cannot be guaranteed, but I will always try and accommodate your requests (please note the additional cost for this).
  • No refunds will be given for any cancellations less than one week hours prior to Day Care dates needed.
  • Refunds will usually be given in the form of credit for future bookings, but the monies can be deposited into the client's preferred bank account.

General Health, Illness and Injury

infection, or an aggressive incident due to the dog feeling unwell, will lead to the owner of the infected/injured dog, being responsible for the payment of any vet bills incurred for other dogs due to their non-disclosure. Dog Days Inn Ltd will not take any responsibility in these instances.

  • All potential clients must fill out the Medical Section of the Registration form with the dog(s) FULL medical history.
  • Proof of up to date vaccinations (including Kennel Cough) must be provided for legal reasons. Dog Days Inn Ltd will take a copy of these records. Dog Days Inn Ltd cannot accept puppies before they have had their second vaccination.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd will accept an up to date Titre test Certificate in lieu of vaccination records.
  • All dogs attending Dog Days Inn Ltd must have regular worming and flea treatments administered by their owners or vet. Proof of these treatments must be provided.
  • Bitches may not attend Dog Days Inn Ltd while in season or pregnant. They may return to Dog Days Inn Ltd a week after their season has ended, or once their litter is fully weaned.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd does not accept entire male dogs over a year old. We reserve the right to ask that any entire males under one year of age, who display any kind of hormonal behaviour to cease attending Dog Days Inn Ltd.
  • Dogs must not attend Dog Days Inn Ltd if they have any infections 48 hours prior to their visit. Including vomiting, diarrhoea, or any type of infection that could spread throughout the pack.
  • They must have been clear from the symptoms for 48 hours before attending Dog Days Inn Ltd.
  • If a dog should fall ill or sustain an injury whilst in the care of Dog Days Inn Ltd, then we reserve the right to take the appropriate action, in the best interest of the dog. Whether that be asking the owner or emergency contact to pick the dog up or taking the dog to the vet ourselves.
  • Dog Days Inn Ltd is a place where dogs socialise in a large group, and although all dog play is carefully monitored at Dog Days Inn Ltd, all owners accept that during the course of normal dog play their dog may sustain minor injuries.
  • Any vet bills incurred due to treating a sick or injured dog will be reimbursed by the owner.
  • Dogs with injuries cannot attend Dog Days Inn Ltd until they have had clearance from a vet.

Registered address: Dog Days Inn Ltd, 23a High Street, Welford, Northamptonshire, NN6 6HT. Company No: 8534118

I always pick up a happy relaxed dog from DDI !

I was so anxious and worried about leaving our puppy for two weeks last summer. I couldn't sleep because I was miserable at the thought of him being alone in kennels. Then I met with Gail and Phil - what an incredible piece of luck ! DDI has become a real home from home for our boy now. How do I know ? Whenever I take him there, he runs down the path to the house, wagging his tail excitedly. He greets Gail and Phil as long lost mates AND I always pick up a happy and relaxed dog who settles back home with us immediately, without any problems at all. I could say more about how helpful, kind and caring Gail and Phil are and what brilliant 'doggy' people they are, but my own dog's response to them is probably the best recommendation they could get. It is certainly the thing that reassures me the most. I always go to Gail and Phil when I need someone to look after my precious boy because I know that he doesn't just get his basic needs met, but he also becomes part of a family where he gets cuddles, attention, play time and walks. DDI is really excellent and exactly what I want for my dog !